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Our Story

Hello! I am Treva. My husband Tory and I are proud founders and owners of T+T Natural Elegance.  We first met in high school over 8 years ago, and since then we have blossomed into a married couple who shared a common desire for achievement and improvement. We have two children, Taz and Pistache. Both have four legs, a wagging, and wet nose. Tory and I are both currently high school teachers. I teach English, and he teachers Algebra. Although we absolutely adore our “day jobs” as teachers, we have found passion in the art of photography.


I, Treva, first considered photography at age 10 when his grandfather, Eustace Breaux, Owner of Photography by Eustace Inc., began to teach me the basics of photography and lighting. Unfortunately, upon his passing I was unable to continue learning from him. One super important lesson I do remember is just how important attention to detail is when capturing the perfect image. Most importantly, I remember the way he made his clients feel when he delivered exceptional experiences both in his professionalism and image products.


It is those memories that inspired me to give clients an equally exceptional experience when they choose to book T+T Natural Elegance.


It was at our own wedding that we realized just how important photographers are when they are responsible for capturing life’s milestones. It was then that we decided we could join our love for capturing memories, our dedication to improve our skills, and our desire to continue my grandfather’s legacy, to deliver quality and meaningful experiences as we document the most important moments that life has to offer.