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welcome couples

Hey there! Congrats on your engagement! We are honored that you are interested in having us be a part of your big day.  You may be  overwhelmed with all the wedding information out there, but don’t worry - you’re not alone. We are professionals who are here to help you document one of the biggest days of your life, so you have beautiful memories for years and years to come. This information page is meant to help you through all of your photography-related questions so you can relax and get excited for your big day. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a ring or send over an email! We are here for you every step of the way.

      our inspiration      

Our wedding was the happiest day of our lives, so we know just important and beautiful the memories of the day and the months leading up to it are! Looking back our own wedding journey really reminds us of the love we share, not just with each other, but also with our family and friends. From meeting with different venues, to creating invitations, to saying "I do" we cherish every last memory. Our own wedding was the direct source of inspiration that began T+T Natural Elegance. In the first year of our marriage we not only continued to fall in love with each other, but we also fell in love getting to meet, listen, and learn about other couple's love stories. 

   our promise  

Planning and executing a wedding is an exciting time, but the process can become overwhelming and scary. As your photographers, we want to be sure that your mind can be at ease when it comes to capturing your special moments. Each wedding we participate in comes with a contract and a promise to assure you that your moments are captured and recorded in a way that truly celebrates your love story!  We like to create lifelong friends throughout our work and we want our couples to feel comfortable and welcomed. Therefore, before any contract is signed it is custom that meet our couples first. This can be in person, over coffee or drinks, or via phone call/ video call.  After the initial consultation and booking is complete, we still like to meet with our couples at least 30 days before the wedding to plan out and discuss wedding day events and reminders because we want your day to be as stress free and seamless as possible. During this meeting we will create a list of must-have pictures, discuss the order of events, and even decide how "hands-on" you want us to be throughout the ceremony and reception.  We know how excited you will be to see your final pictures, so we develop a timeline in your contract that ensures you get the images you desire in a timely manner. In all our process allows us to get to know and celebrate to love story of our couples in a natural and elegant fashion.